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Social networking: parallels with ISPs’ liability

Facebook apparently deletes what is reported as fake accounts. Apart from the doubtful justification to do so (does it harm anybody? what about this fake cat and bird account nobody could be a fool about?), the method employed does not … Continue reading

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Crime the old fashioned way: where hacking looses all interest!

According to ZDNet: “Criminals posing as policemen conned their way into a data centre near London’s King’s Cross station, tying up staff and stealing computing equipment, the Metropolitan Police said on Friday.” 10 December 2007,1000000189,39291411,00.htm

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ISPs liabitiliy: the take-down notice procedure

A suit arising from claimed take-down notices sent to e-bay (13 December 2007) probably US based but interesting nonetheless…

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The usual debate about cyberterrorism’s theat: a hype or a truthfully worrying fact? ZDNet (10 December 2007),1000002000,39291413,00.htm

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Hacking and other tools: which is most efficient?

See TechDirt’s article: any legal consequence? (17th December 2007)

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Trojan and new victims: ISPs

Usually trojans victimise the lot of us, private users who are not careful about what we download or where we go; but this time, ironically, the victim is Google itself who is loosing money, exactly what it should not! Google … Continue reading

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Unintended DDOS!

How efforts to fight corruption in China ended it up with the equivalent of a DDOS attack, although quite unvoluntarily (well, let’s hope) ‘Too many hits’ crash Chinese anti-corruption website (19 December 2007),1000000097,39291622,00.htm

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probable cause or plausible reasons to ask for warrant.In the US, but could obviously interest the UK, a practice about mobile phone data, easily transferable to cybercrime given that the mobile phone technology is now computerised to the extreme some … Continue reading

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Earlier on, I wrote a post about the downsides of spywares use for identity theft purposes but here is a “positive” sides although regulation issues may make it scary : spyware and investigation forces (27th november 2007)

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Something not often looked at in cybercrime courses, but worth having a thought: cybersquatting… see “Dell suing cybersquatters” (29 November 2007) and the opposite approach,1000000097,39291329,00.htm?r=2 (6 December 2007)

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