Second life: Second crime?

Rare are the articles or comments about Second Life and cybercrime. Here is an article in French (yes I know, there is no translation so far), which in substance says the following:
1) although a virtual world in theory, its impact on the real world exists simply because the currency in Second Life can be exchanged againts… real dollars. Hence a lawyer (!) suing the publisher LInden Lab for loss of 8000 dollars because he was evicted when buying property (he did not comply with some rules). What I have not investigated and is unclear from the article is whether the eviction was based on virtual rules designed to prevent fraud…

2) the charity Familles de France (literally Families of France) is suing the publisher … because the contents on Second Life give easy access to children to violence and pornography. The First Instance Tribunal rejected the claim on the basis the evidence presented was not tangible enough. But what if it becomes? What about the other violent games available on the market whether through or outside the internet?

By the way the article is an interview first published in December 2007, Michael Malka “Le droit dans «Second Life» (interview) ”

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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2 Responses to Second life: Second crime?

  1. I did not have the time to read the following article but it promises to be interesting. Will post on it once read… (posted in Feb 08?)

  2. In the same line, see the prosecution in the US “Prosecutors Go Overboard In Indicting Woman Involved In MySpace Hoax That Resulted In Suicide” (16 May 2008)

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