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Scams -Nigeria and the challenge of cybercrime

An interesting article, a bit non-mainstream when it comes to cybercrime in Africa. The Nigerian commission admitted that cybercrime was a challenge difficult for its Government to tackle. Not often authorities admit that. (27 August 2008) although one can … Continue reading

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Hacking – insiders

“Bank Changes Man’s Password After They Realize It Insults Them” (28 August 2008) and for the BBC link as the case is in the UK The employee does not work for Lloyds anymore. Has disciplinary action been taken? Concerning … Continue reading

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Criminal responsiblity for lack of security features?

A recurrent idea, with the FTC (in the US) putting it forward once more. Note that the COnvention of cybercrime lets the member states parties free to narrow the offences (hacking and misuse of computers) by including a condition, that … Continue reading

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Hacking (Nasa hacker) – jurisdiction and policies

The last hope of hacker McKinnon vanished today. The ECtHR rejected his emergency appeal from the House of Lords’ decision on his extradition case. Obliged to be tried now in the US, Mr McKinnon faces an unenvious position in a … Continue reading

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Crime in virtual world

Back from holidays, late on posting, but could not resist this one: according to McAfee, one of the multiple anti-virus companies, illegal behaviours are now numerous. Viruses, scams, phishing etc… all flourish and it is not a virtual behaviour. The … Continue reading

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