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Crime and the influence of the internet

“What Does The Internet Have To Do With The Finnish School Shooting?” (24 September 2008) ask Mr. Masnik. Well, at first sight, nothing really. But the debate is not restricted to violent crimes. It is at the center of whether … Continue reading

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Interception of communications

Yes, interception of communications is a criminal offence; the question is what do we require and understand as a criminal intent to intercept? The City of London Police thinks it cannot be proved about BT’s use of Phorm in trials. … Continue reading

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Investigations – luck or display of forces?

The main problem of cyberspace is always tracking done the authors of offences. Some crimes will never be solved, unless maybe their authors unveil later on their methods; some may be solved although the more time elapsed the more unlikely … Continue reading

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Censorship and cyberspace

Back to the 18th century and before? One of the battle of the Enlightenment was to fight mandatory registration for any type of publication, so as to avoid censorship and freedom of expression to become a reality rather than a … Continue reading

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Defamation in cyberspace – a reminder

Hardly surprising, but worth a reminder. Diffamation/libel still applies on cyberspace and more importantly, in some countries like France it is a criminal offence and does not engage civil liability. “Reminder: Defamation Still Applies To Bloggers” (29 September 2008)

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Investigations – finding criminals and new technologies

The problem with new technologies remains identical as with the old ones: how do we ensure that police does not misuse them? Traditional way is obtaining a warrant, which often (but not always) mean going before the judge. Loopholes do … Continue reading

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Blocking access – China again

Everybody knows about the Great Firewall of China although officially it does not exist. Talk to take it down during the Olympics, but rumours are of course unfounded!!“China Blocks iTunes After Olympic Athletes Download Pro-Tibetan Music” (21 August 2008) “So … Continue reading

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Nasa hacker – last episodes

Catching up – I was enable to keep the blog up to date – with the Nasa hacker story.The last episode is first a protest against his extradition (3 september 2008), and the last possible appeal for Mr. McKinnon before … Continue reading

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Jurisdiction issues

About an India Court’s ordering Google to communicate a blogger’s identity and the right to do so when author and offence are committed in the US with no material elements in India…Absurd? Mr Masnik argues that the stricker laws get … Continue reading

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Blocking access to content or removal of

Certainly if content is not illegal, there is no obligation to take it down, whether we like it or not. See “No One Is Obligated To Take Down Perfectly Legal Content You Don’t Like” (3 September 2008).However, that is not … Continue reading

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