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Inadequate training of police forces – collateral damages

A bit ironic but not enough when thinking about Julie Amero’s life. If the information is really true, and there is no reason to doubt, this is a scandal both in terms of training of law enforcement officials, and in … Continue reading

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US – China – computer attacks

Don’t know if the US report should be completely trusted. A few things certain: China built the great firewal; it can do much more than that. Given the pressures it put on ISPs and Google like to give away details … Continue reading

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Better educated children, less victims?

So many conflicting reports about the influence of internet on children and adults that I do not know if this one must be trusted either. I disagree with the idea that the internet cannot have a negative impact. No later … Continue reading

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Second Life – for the best or the worse?

Three interesting uses or outcomes about Second Life – will write later about it as I am a middle of a research on it for hate crimes “Other Tools Terrrorists Might Use: Voice, Pencils, Fax Machines, Email, Mobile Phones, Etc.” … Continue reading

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Online services and police work

I personally don’t see what they are worried about. Crime statistics about areas are already available on the web. Is it because police and Government would have to rethink their crime control strategy and be a bit more efficient?“UK Police … Continue reading

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Filtering and ISPs’ role

Along the lines I argue, that ISPs should not enforce public policies as cops unless they have the same duties, and also only after we have rethought enforcement policies. “Why ISPs Shouldn’t Be Copyright Cops” (20 October 2008) “Belgian Court … Continue reading

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Espionage and Hacking: just updates

Nothing new but targets make it interesting. White House email archives targeted by hackers (10 November 2008)Sarkozy falls prey to bank hacker (France) (21 October 2008) Online Criminals Move On To Corporate Espionage (13 November 2008)

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DDOS and amended CMA

At last the amended version of CMA by Police and Justice Act 2006 comes into force on 1st October 2008. The delay is inadmissible when considering the threats and the potential for a different outcome than in the Lennon case.DoS … Continue reading

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Filtering and censorship – updates

It’s quite trendy to filter internet contents. Apart from freedom of expression concerns, it’s quite a never ending task and probably an impossible one given the breadth of information on the internet, unless one builds the Great firewall like in … Continue reading

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Cyber-terrorism – possibility of death penalty in Pakistan

At first sight, for us European, it seems a heavy sentence that of death for cyber-terrorism. But it seems that the sentence is tied to a result: causing death of an other person, even it is indirectly by simply allowing … Continue reading

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