Filtering and censorship – updates

It’s quite trendy to filter internet contents. Apart from freedom of expression concerns, it’s quite a never ending task and probably an impossible one given the breadth of information on the internet, unless one builds the Great firewall like in China and employs thousands of people filtering.

Australian ISP Agrees To Filter… Just To Show How Stupid It Is (19 November 2008)

Perhaps Turkey Should Just Ban The Entire Internet (27 October 2008)

Saudis Crowdsourcing Internet Censorship (17 November 2008) – only 25 people to filter)

and the ironic result of what filtering can mean in terms of economic gain: how China is making some profits by reorientating searches in Google to its own website. “China Says: If You Must Infringe On Copyrights, Use Baidu” (10 November 2008)

Internet Censorship — Whether By Gov’t Or Parents — Has Downsides (12 November 2008)

and the funny interdiction to search about some Argentian celebreties, funny and scary though “Argentinian Celebrities Succeed In Forcing Search Engines To Block Search Results On Their Name” (November 2008)

For something slightly different:
German Politician’s Plan To Block Wikipedia Backfires… Badly (17 November 2008)

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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