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Jury duties and new technologies

The way jurors perform their function have not changed for centuries. They sit down, listen, no notes can be taken most of the time, and after a few days or a few months of trial, decide on the case. In … Continue reading

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Google charged – but on which grounds?

Facts: four kids downloaded on Google a video of when they were taunting a disabled child. Prosecution, in addition to charge the children, contemplates charging Google.I can’t understand on which grounds the prosecution was thinking of charging four executives of … Continue reading

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Police investigation – use of websites..

for the use of Craigslist ( by police forces Police Realizing “Craigslist Is A Resource, Not A Problem” (5 September 2007)On a reassuring outcome, thanks to traditional methods of detecting crime, “Yet Another WiFi-Borrowing Criminal Caught” (7 November 2008) and … Continue reading

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Avatar, copyrights and money

Not at first sight a criminal law problem but nonetheless related. To ask for copyrights for art copied to create an avatar; what about the reverse? Artist Demands $500 From Guy For Using His Image As An Avatar (November 2008)

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Takedown notices – recurring issue

THis is a recurring theme: private enforcement of the law instead of courts deciding if it is worth taking down, even temporarily. Maybe time to think about allocating courts to those matters?Facebook Using DMCA Notices To Takedown Private Videos? (30th … Continue reading

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Second Life – Real economy on virtual property?

Second Life hit by the financial crisis? yes, well possible because the so-called virtual currency of LInden Dollars has nothing virtual but it’s name as long as you can exchange it against US Dollars. Now that’s interesting because what about … Continue reading

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New offence?

Unless handling can be applied, which I doubt it could as there is no items held in hands in the traditional meaning of the word; or unless money-laudering laws apply, we are left with a gap for something which is … Continue reading

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French Bill on piracy

Due to an article I need to finish, no time to investigate this and read the Parliamentary Bill and debates, but it’s worth looking at it, especially in comparison with Europen policyFrench Senate Approves 3 Strikes Law (3 November 2008) … Continue reading

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Virtual worlds – real law

Just the beginning of the problems with virtual worlds: why applying real laws and which laws? Tax and laws linked with money, it’s easy: those virtual worlds produce real economics, so no point in hiding being the notion of “virtual” … Continue reading

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Security – Convention on cybercrime

THe convention on cybercrime allows for the law to require a minimum of security features implemented by users as a pre-condition to prosecute for hacking… So that for WI-FI, users are required to be cautious could hardly be surprising. However, … Continue reading

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