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Hacking and the amazon forest

hacking is profitable, very profitable; greed again… “Hackers help loggers illegally strip trees from the Amazon ” (17 December 2008)

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Censorship again

In other words, China blocks access to the NY Times, not a surprise: “La Chine bloque le site du New York Times” (JDN, 22 December 2008) “Vietnam Continues Online Censorship; Outlaws ‘Subversive’ Blogs; Puts Liability On ISPs” (TechDirt, 24 December … Continue reading

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Harassment online – being a jerk and beyond

As already notices in an earlier post, there is nothing to forbid online harassment to fall within the current legal definition of definition. Harassment traditionally involves repeated behaviours or course of conduct in terms of speech or physical actions which … Continue reading

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Causation, child abuse, video and liability

It is interesting because criminal law has not been set up for those types of cases on a massive scale. I don’t see how the prosecution can stand on its feet because it is very indirect liability – chain of … Continue reading

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China firewall: official recognition

At last, a bit of transparency in recognising everything is filtered from the BBC website to opponents’ related websites or reports… “La Chine reconnaĆ®t officiellement la censure du Web” (Journal du Net, 16 Decembre 2008)

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Hacking and illegal competition

Hacking seems to have been used to enter the intranet forum of the SNCF, the French rail company, by its competitor Deutsche Ban. The context is that French railway is still not open to competition, and not so until January … Continue reading

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It is interesting because the threshold for criminalisation is always difficult to determine. Before as now, criminal law remains a symbol and because of that symbolic value, it tends to be used as a benchmark or signal, whereas its effectiveness … Continue reading

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Copyrights infringement and duty to react from ISPs/social networking

A bit of French law here: a French comic who used to specialised in hidden cameras type of sketches in the high street (his nickname literally means Thebottom), sued and sues several companies/ISPs for holding pirated videos of his work. … Continue reading

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Net neutrality

Have The Big Internet Companies Turned Their Back On Net Neutrality? (TechDirt, 15 December 2008)

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Police e-crime unit calls for industry aid (11 December 2008)

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