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Influence of video games on criminality

A recurrent theme that appears from time to time. Well, of course video games do not create criminality. However, to deny them any effect seems to me troublesome. Sociologically, if there are other conditions creating an absence of structure in … Continue reading

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UK institutions victims of viruses

Hospitals first, with hopefully only a few appointments cancelled as damage.“Downadup virus hits PCs at five Sheffield hospitals ” (, 22 January 2009)More serious in terms of national security, and certainly more worrying, is the MoD’s system victim of viruses. … Continue reading

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Extradition or no extradition? The latest events about the Nasa hacker

Hearing for judicial review was granted on 24 January 2009, the ground being that the decision to extradite failed to take into account Mr. McKinnon’s health (Asperger’s syndrome). “Nasa hacker wins right to appeal against extradition ” (, January 2009) … Continue reading

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Private sector collaboration with investigatory forces

Two stories about the private sector wanting to or already collaborating with police forces, at least in the UK. That the firms stop avoiding the issue is a good sign and it is sad to say that it takes a … Continue reading

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Investigation – use of Google Street and Google Search

self-explanatory…“Google Street View Helps Find Kidnapped Child” (TechDirt, 8 January 2009) “Google Searches Used To Convict Hit-And-Run Driver” (TechDirt, 16 January 2009)

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Investigation – Search warrant/interception of

Court Says Feds Need A Warrant To Listen To Touchtone Beeps Too (TechDirt, 12 January 2008) . The distinction between content and non-content is made in the UK with different regimes applying.

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censorship and China

Surprise! Net Censorship Circumvention Tools Sell User Data (TechDirt, 12 January 2009) Internet Companies Apologize To China For Being Too Good (TecDirt, 9 January 2209)

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Investigation – Interception of com… – terrorism

I always found the whole idea and process of Guatanamo scary, unjustifiable and a flagrant violation of what we stand for, i.e. human rights. The use of terrorism legislation is part of the problem as it circonvenes most if not … Continue reading

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Cybercrime – statistics

Don’t know how they gather the numbers and the information, but the French journal Journal du Net (JDN) publishes a series of tables for November 2008, for viruses, phishing, black market of credit card data (marche noir) and the use … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi piggybacking (late update)

“On The Criminality Of WiFi Piggybacking…” (TechDirt, 19 June 2008)

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