Disappeared posts – hidden filtering

As creepy as the previous one, although the persons involve do not suffer like this woman and her children did and do. Apparently, posts from bloggers disappear when related to music and copyrights.
How on earth can Google accaparate the right to filter without warning and notice? Who are they? the secret police of some private dictatorship?

Google Accused Of Invisibly Deleting Blog Posts On The RIAA’s Say-So (TechDirt, 6 February 2009)

It all comes back to one question: who is in charge of filtering and on which criteria? private companies for their own sake or for other companies or for Governments? The first two, in a liberal/democratic State, have always been forbidden; the last has so far been subjected to a policy of check and balances, with transparency at its heart (well, at least that is the objective). WHy should it be different online?

See for example the comment of Kelly for Facebook:

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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