Online watch for illicit content – France

After a bit of research (online though), the text for fraud is a Ministerial Decree from the Home Secretary – Décret n° 2008-1109 du 29 octobre 2008, available at Legifrance
The title itself is “experimental automatic treatment of online pre-complaint”. In other words, the online system is just an online tool for the police to do their job and for the victims to complain, as they would do at their local police station.
It is experimental because it has been tested in two “counties” (départments in French). It is the police who investigates once they received the information; a face to face meeting will be requested and if the person does not pursue, the data after 30 days will be deleted.

The CNIL (a quango for ensuring privacy in the collection and use of data) approved of the scheme in April 2008 – Délibération n° 2008-102 du 29 avril 2008 portant avis sur un projet de décret en Conseil d’Etat autorisant la création d’un traitement automatisé dénommé « pré-plainte en ligne » PUblished in the JO 31 october 2008;jsessionid=14152FC1A28C9B4FFBC3C63149E83684.tpdjo04v_1?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000019709044&dateTexte=20081031&categorieLien=cid

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