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Fight against cybercrime – Costs of

Financial crisis helping, some warn that firms may not invest as much as they should in cyber-security, with the negative consequences this could have. See the interview of Régis Fohrer, French Lieutenant Colonel (Home office): “La crise a un impact … Continue reading

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criminal law – some patterns of theft disappear

Self-explanatory – US based (FBI) “Car Stereo Theft Doesn’t Pay What It Used To” (TechDirt, 27 March 2009)

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Anonymity, data and social networking

A scary report, but not surprising, that explains how so-called anonymised data can be reversed and named again. “New Study Shows Anonymous Data Isn’t Very Anonymous At All” (TechDirt, 27 March 2009) linking to the blog of Arvind Narayanan, 33 … Continue reading

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A centre for training, research and education in cybercrime

See teh website of the 2CENTRE and the University of Troyes (France) being a partner to the project “L’Université de technologie de Troyes gonfle ses formations en cybercriminalité” (JDN, 12 March 2009)

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use of technology at/after sentencing

Self-explanatory: “Tracking Sex Offenders With GPS Isn’t A Bulletproof Solution” (TechDirt 12 March 2009)

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Jurors and the availability of technology

For a civil law suit I think, but issue applicable to cybercrime/criminal law in general “Lawyers Use Juror’s Twitter Messages As Basis For Appeal” (TechDirt, 18 March 2009) I can’t help thinking about the question of whether President Obama should … Continue reading

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Proof of writing in digital format – France

The implications for cybercrime are obvious, but the case by the French Supreme Court is interesting. It deals with a private law issue, where proof was needed that an e-mail has been sent by the social security services. The Court … Continue reading

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Concept of personal relationships and violence

Well, maybe the two articles are not related, but I am struck by their common theme: the nature of personal relationships and how they can be affected by the internet.The first article relates a survey where 80% German 20yrs old … Continue reading

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No limits to surveillance? crime, internet, secret agencies, and police forces’ wishes to hack

The following interview is extremely interesting in terms of technical aspects of surveillance and implied human rights/ethics breaches. First, F-secure as an anti-virus company never received information from Government when police forces use Trojan. In other words, F-secure blocks Trojans … Continue reading

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Censorship/filtering policies – contrast?

Because of being late in updating the blog, I saw the two following post/article at the same time.One would expect a clear difference because of the values the two countries attach or do not attach to democracy. The similarities are … Continue reading

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