the use of internet by police forces: to go with the flow or not?

Undoubtedly, new technologies challenge traditional policing, but it is no reason to forgo human rights and becoming more invasive in investigation techniques. New technologies work both sides (criminals/police) as long as one pauses to see their potential. Criminals are very good at it; police forces seem to be less able to view it in a positive light. A shame because hacking computers won’t help them tracking down criminals if they do not have previous information of what has been done. Second, having a computer does not give the right to breach privacy. The traditional criminal procedural rules DO apply; thus the Australian proposals look pretty scary.

Australian Law Enforcement Wants The Right To Hack Computers” (TechDirt, 10 March 2009)

Cops Taking To Private Social Networks; Is There Enough Oversight?” (TechDirt, 10 March 2009)

Illinois Sheriff Sues Craigslist For Prostitution; Apparently Unaware Of The Law” (TechDirt, 5 march 2009)

More Dumb Criminals On YouTube: Man Faces 10 Years In Jail For Self-Incrimination By YouTube” (TechDirt, 6 March 2009)


About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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