US cybersecurity agency and spy agency

Strangely enough, I saw that information first in the French newspaper, rather than English speaking newsletters! Rod Beckström , the head of the National Cybersecurity Center in the US and responsible for protection against cyberattacks, resigned after the Center being attached to the National Security Agency which more or less spies on the web, rather than improving the security of the network. Looking at his reasoning, he is probably right. The NSA has different objectives than the NCSC; that they should collaborate, it’s obvious; but they should remain different in the way they function. Merging them is potentially a source of human rights infringement.

Le patron de la cyber-sécurité américaine claque la porte” (JDN, 9 March 2009)

For a related article (this time in English), “Is FEMA The Best Group To Model A Cybersecurity Agency After?” (TechDirt, 20 February 2009)
and for the other aspect of the US policy on new technologies “Barack Obama nomme un CTO pour l’Amérique” (JDN 6 mars 2009)


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