Fight against cybercrime – Costs of

Financial crisis helping, some warn that firms may not invest as much as they should in cyber-security, with the negative consequences this could have. See the interview of Régis Fohrer, French Lieutenant Colonel (Home office): “La crise a un impact négatif sur la lutte contre la cybercriminalité“(JDN, 30 March 2009).

Maybe to palliate this pronostic, the French Home Secretary announced a series of measures to fight cybercrime. Filtering for child porn, and linking the Complaint website of to a European website managed by Europol. The last is good news; not sure the first is feasible…
Michèle Alliot-Marie durcit la lutte contre la cybercriminalité” (JDN 25 March 2009)

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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