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Computer misuses: hacking and the rest

The Web Hacking Incidents Database just published its 2008 report. It is worth a read. Here are a few facts: – 19% steal information in order to sell it = profit– 24% deface a website (i.e. change its homepage with … Continue reading

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Fraud occurences: classics, SEC, and selling mis-behaviours

Nothing really new, just reinforcing the obvious: can’t be too careful on the net when buying or installing softwares.“Report: Fake antivirus scams pulling in profits” (, March 2009) or cameras for that matter: “Office Depot Employees Blowing The Whistle On … Continue reading

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Censorship and the economy

no cybercrime issue here at least directly. It is just a side-effect of censorhip and filtering – lack of transparency triggers more lack of transparency…“How Does Chinese Internet Censorship Affect Business?” (TechDirt, 25 February 2009) “China Shuts Down ‘Unregistered’ Websites” … Continue reading

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Piracy, filtering and the place of criminal law

France is trying to create a graded response to piracy obliging ISPs to filter the internet and the users’ access to be blocked in case of infringement. It’s still a Parliament bill but very controversial.“Piratage : les moteurs bientôt soumis … Continue reading

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Election fraud – Germany’s Supreme Court

I can’t read German so this is clearly second hand information. The German Supreme Court considered that e-voting was unsafe and thus unconstitutional, although in the elections at stake in the appeal, it refused to strike down the results for … Continue reading

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Nasa hacker – CPS refusal

CPS refused prosecution on the ground that most of the evidence rests in the US, which obviously would cost a fortune to bring back to the UK. However, I don’t fully understand the decision, given that McKinnon confessed and thus … Continue reading

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Agression and the influence of the internet and games

Conflicting stories continue to arrive. It would be a very interesting subject for a PhD in criminology/sociology to analyse the studies, their methodologies and their conclusions.My belief remains the same. Violence on screen does not make you a criminal per … Continue reading

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National Security/Defence and cyberccrime

Two incidents that just remind us of how fragile cybersecurity can be 1) the French army plane Le Rafale was affected by a well-known virus that found its way to the computer system running it“Le Rafale cloué au sol par … Continue reading

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The fight against child porn: to the root of the matter, money

The EU accepted to fund the European Financial Coalition where different firms and NGOs join their forces to combat child porn. The 427,000 euros will go towards tracking down the producers of child porn via the amount of money they … Continue reading

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the use of internet by police forces: to go with the flow or not?

Undoubtedly, new technologies challenge traditional policing, but it is no reason to forgo human rights and becoming more invasive in investigation techniques. New technologies work both sides (criminals/police) as long as one pauses to see their potential. Criminals are very … Continue reading

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