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Databases and data retention: are we giving up our liberties?

the five databases on custody, crime, intelligence, child abuse and domestic abuse should be put together via the use of new technologies.Apart from the usual privacy issues, I don’t think it is bad in itself. Let’s face it: it was … Continue reading

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Child porn and prosecution policy: bias charges?

The story is problematic for several reasons: 1.1) the charges, as reported below, should never have existed as the image is not even pornographic – this is purely a legal argument/point 1.2) the charges should not have been started either … Continue reading

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Costs of cybercrime

self-explanatory Apparently, Cybercrime Isn’t Actually A Trillion-Dollar Business (TechDirt, 31 March 2009)

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ISPs and investigations – report of abuse

Absolutely right, ISPs should not be the primary interface into dealing with investigations. The threat does not justify to forgo our liberties. New Jersey The Latest To Try To Regulate Social Networks… For The Children (TechDirt, 3 April 2009) Same … Continue reading

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Criminalisation –

Well, it might be new for West Virginia, but in some countries it’s not. Posting false information can indeed be defamation, but also a misdemeanour depending what one views as important or not. “West Virginia Looks To Criminalize Online Harassment” … Continue reading

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China, internet and surveillance/spying

Since when spies acknowledge they do? “Online Espionage Network, Based In China, Exposed” (TechDirt, 30 March 2009) “China refutes computer-spying allegations ” (, 31 March 2009) “Researchers uncover global cyber-spying operation” (, 30 March 2009)

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