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Number 10 will not investigate Phorm (, 20 May 2009) – not as bad as the title lets it think. No investigation by the Executive because the Information COmmissioner is competent. Separation of powers… But this is as bad as … Continue reading

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House of COmmons’ control on Government’s policy and EU

The House of COmmons’ European Scrutiny Committee delivered its 8th report (may 2009) and analyse, in particular, the UK Government’s implementation of EU policy on cyber attacks. Pages 19 to 21, after having summarised the EU policy, the Committee analyses … Continue reading

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Distorting offences

“Guy Convicted Of Hacking For Uploading Naked Picture Of Himself” (TechDirt, 7 May 2009)

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control on the internet

Facebook filters (no!) so as not to be caught in the Pirate Bay issue. Once more, this shows how a lack of reflection on providers’ roles creates intolerable situations violating liberties. “Legal Questions About Facebook’s Blocking Of Links To The … Continue reading

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A computer to be controlled by thoughts

The French agencies of Inserm (medical research) and Inria (technology research) presented a software which enables control of a computer by thoughts. The project called openvibe started in 2005 and requires a specific helmet to capture electrical activity of the … Continue reading

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Fight against fraud

“Soca puts a clamp on cybercrime” (, 15 May 2009) “The Rise Of Corporate Identity Fraud” (TechDirt, 11 May 2009)

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Strike – just a note

Not about criminal law (well unless going on strike is criminal, which in some countries is) but just to notice the courage to go on strike when countries’ culture and law are not in favour at all.Baidu, the chinese Google … Continue reading

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Intent to incite: context and variations

Found guilty of incitement to financial panic for posting on Twitter that one should take one’s money out of the corrupt banks. If facts are to be believed, this seems ignoring 1) context of the comments which is about corruption, … Continue reading

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Cyberbullying: worth criminalising?

I just thought that this post was well written and interesting for lawyers. It asked the basic questions before legislating once more: are they already some offences? do they fit the facts or can they without the definition being distorted? … Continue reading

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Data collection and use by police

Quite a bit of irony here when thinking about the debate on whether ISPs should collect data and keep it available to police. The ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) considers that the sheer number of CCTV data makes it … Continue reading

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