Concerns of privacy

An interesting story that shows the gap between the world before and with internet. Although he has a point, that what is on the internet is not necessarily private, Justice Scalia did not understand the scale of communication and availability of details on people’s life. To be offended by a research done by the US law professor Joel Reidenberg is not to understand that anyone can do so and retrieve facts with ease and within a few minutes.
I did it for myself and, having always been careful, I found what I knew would be there. The only odd thing was that there is another Audrey Guinchard living in Besançon (France) with a Facebook page and confusion of identity could be made
Supreme Court Justice Scalia Given Lesson In Internet Privacy” (TechDirt, 5 May 2009)

Most people are more aware about privacy issues though and are notably conscious that when they use the net they leave tracks easily retrievable… But also most people (60% according to the poll) do not want to sacrifice privacy to security measures, which is quite reassuring and counteracts the Governments’ claim that security measures ought to be implemented at whatever costs.
Sécurité IT : l’ingérence de l’Etat inquiète les internautes” (JDN, may 2009)

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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