Piracy and ISPs’ attitude in Sweden

Exploiting a gap in the law, Swedish ISPs do not keep any content nor any log on their customers. A radical stand to maximise privacy against the Governments’ trend (like the UK) to want to keep data.

More Swedish ISPs Decide To Keep No Logs To Protect Users” (TechDirt, 29 April 2009)

The movement is linked with the piracy case against Pirate Bay which is also a party with a seat in the EU Parliament “Swedish Pirate Party may win EU Parliament seat” (ZDnet.co.uk, 6 May 2009). Maybe there’ll be a change in policy in the future?

For the origin of piracy, a truely international crime at the time, see “A Look Back At The History Of The Word ‘Pirate’” (TechDirt, 30 April 2009) who refers to a SSRN paper “The Framing of ‘Piracy’: Etymology, Lobbying & Policy” from K. Matthews Dames


About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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