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Security and cloud computing

Academics warn recently about the dangers of cloud computing, where softwares and data are stored in online companies’ servers and accessible from the internet. E.g.: mobileme for Apple, Dropbox, etc… It’s strange because it is one of the reasons why … Continue reading

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From 30 April 2009, but valuable. It is about the UK Internet Watch Foundation, that self-regulatory body (yet using taxpayer’s money), filtering the internet. We had already questioned the transparency of the filtering. The IWF own report does not reassure … Continue reading

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ISPs and illegal contents in China

Not made to reassure about ISPs’ behaviours towards China’s regulations. It shows they ere on the side of caution, as usual. The only thing unusual is the Chinese Court’s decision which was to condemn the ISP for not demonstrating that … Continue reading

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Fraud and insider access to confidential data

The security/sofware company Cyber ARk released a report or survey on administrators’ behaviours in firms. 35% of them use data they come accross because of their job or research that data in illegal ways. This is quite scary and shows … Continue reading

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Swedish piracy case and judge’s impartiality

Justice must be seen as well as be done. A traditional ECHR principle stemming out of a English common law culture of impartiality which Sweden may well have forgotten in this case. A real shame when one thinks of the … Continue reading

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Hadopi: the new bill establishing sanctions and procedures to be followed

The tone of the new bill (projet de loi), not yet discussed by Parliament, is much harsher than the previous version struck down by the Constitutional Council.No access to internet for a maximum of a year; any attempt to reinstate … Continue reading

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Report on privacy in social networking

The national privacy watchdogs (often administrative authorities) produced a report on privacy and social networking. They are particularly concerned about the level of disclosure and the lack of prior consent of all parties involved, whether what is disclosed are pictures, … Continue reading

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US, EU collaboration – cybercrime

“US Officials Finally Going After Online Organized Criminals In Other Countries” (TechDirt, 10 June 2009) – I would not be as severe as the post’s author but I have to say the US tend not to bother about the rest … Continue reading

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data retention – analysis of policies

The German Working group on data retention produced the following report: Position on the processing of traffic data for “security purposes” (21 March 2009) on the statewatch website

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Europol’s improvement

COUNCIL DECISION of 6 April 2009 establishing the European Police Office (Europol) – the decision is available at beaware: Europol exists since 1992

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