Twitter; ID fraud

The story runs as follow. Account was opened in Twitter under La Russa; it was a fake account. Some claimed that under threat of lawsuit, Twitter (the company) closed the account and donated money to charity. Twitter denied the story.
Two things spring to mind. Is the fake account doing any harm, for example by impersonating a real life person so well one could not easily guess what was true and false? if so, civil law at least applies and Twitter can delete the account. However, there should be court proceedings rather than threats and bullying.
La Russa & The AP Claims Twitter Settled Lawsuit… Twitter Sets The Record Straight
“French Law has actually taking the step of making it an offence, with a maximum of one year emprisonment, following a few MPs whose name have been ‘abused’. “Loppsi : 1 an de prison pour la fraude à l’identité sur Internet” (Numerama, 27 May 2009)

Then, this affair/case seems a matter of education of people and companies on the internet.

Lifelock Found To Be Illegally Placing Fraud Alerts On Credit Profiles” (TechDirt)

So-Called ‘Friendly Fraud’ On The Rise” (TechDirt 27 May 2009)


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