"pro"-piracy policy, anti-piracy policy and distorted language and

Woman Who Owned No Computer, But Got Sued By The RIAA, ‘Settles’ Techdirt: “Woman Who Owned No Computer, But Got Sued By The RIAA, ‘Settles'” (TechDirt, 19 June 2009)

As pointed out, one cannot settle when the facts established demonstrate an impossibility to commit the action. The RIAA is manipulating the language to appear victorious when its actions embody utter failure.
More troubling, is the issue of evidence. What would have happened if this woman owned a computer but never filed share? How is the RIAA collecting its evidence? Are we not here faced with illegal surveillance?

In that sense, Norway’s position to avoid general surveillance for just an issue of IP makes much more sense.
Norway Decides Privacy Is More Important Than Protecting The Entertainment Industry’s Business Model (TechDirt, 24 June 2009)

Obviously, Norway’s position obliges to rethink piracy and the IP rules. The analysis of Shakespeare’s work and how the famous poet and writer borrowed from traditional folk tales and their various interpretations by other authors is quite enlightening about the real issue IP legislation create, especially in a world which works on the basis of networks and sharing.
Would King Lear Ever Have Been Written If Copyright Law Existed?” (TechDirt, 23 June 2009)
The Guardian Embraces Crowdsourcing The News In Useful Ways” (techDirt, 24 June 2009) (The Guardian put online all the data on the MPs’ expenses scandal – ordinary people digged out what they found interesting and journalists just check and put the information within a broader perspective

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