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Best protection: technical vs legal

Nothing protects better against crime than testing one’s vulnerabilities and strengths. A non legal response understood by Governments: UK launches dedicated cyberattack agency (, 25 June 2009) Pentagon moves to protect military networks (, 24 June 2009)

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Hadopi, right to access a court of first instance and piracy policy

Before it was even adopted by Parliament, the French bill that promoted the three strikes policy in its attempt to fight piracy was doomed. The EU Parliament condemned it (See TechDirt, 6 May 2009) EU Says No To Three Strikes … Continue reading

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Gaming, robots and criminal law

Jacques-AndrĂ© Dupuy (Operantis)”Nous faisons du serious game pour les pilotes d’avion” (JDN 25 June 2009)Use of 3D games to train pilot – positive use of technology, but one cannot be left but to wonder whether the reality of those games … Continue reading

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Spam, fraud and mobile phones

“Proud, Bragging Spammer Alan Ralsky Pleads Guilty” (TechDirt, 24 June 2009) – the US spammer was finally caught … for fraud and spam!! For new areas of fraud coming up soon given the huge development of mobile phone banking:Le m-paiement … Continue reading

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Surveillance: EU Commission & responses to the Stockholm programme

In its Communication 262/4, on 10 June 2009, to the EU Parliament and the COuncil, the EU Commission seems to favour “wider freedom in a safer environment” so that there can be “An area of freedom, security and justice serving … Continue reading

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"pro"-piracy policy, anti-piracy policy and distorted language and

Woman Who Owned No Computer, But Got Sued By The RIAA, ‘Settles’ Techdirt: “Woman Who Owned No Computer, But Got Sued By The RIAA, ‘Settles’” (TechDirt, 19 June 2009) As pointed out, one cannot settle when the facts established demonstrate … Continue reading

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Misuse of criminal law

Student Found Guilty Of ‘Disturbing The Peace’ For Sending Nasty Political Email To Professor Techdirt: “Student Found Guilty Of ‘Disturbing The Peace’ For Sending Nasty Political Email To Professor” (TechDirt, 18 June 2009) How sending an e-mail can breach the … Continue reading

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Nasa hacker

Court hears Nasa hacker ‘at risk of psychosis’ (, 9 June 2009) Judges delay decision in Nasa hacker case (, 11 June 2009) Nasa hacker petition tops 4,000 (, 15 June 2009)

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EC: New net-neutrality law is unnecessary – “EC: New net-neutrality law is unnecessary” The Conseil constitutionnel (French Constitutional Court) rejected part of the Bill nicknamed Hadopi in its provisions that were allowing an administrative authority to cut the right … Continue reading

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From filtering to software piracy

How the desire to control child pornography turns into a piracy/ illegal trade issue…Apparently, upon request of China, computers shifted from the US to China must contain a ‘Chinese’ filtering software… which code is partly stolen from a US company! … Continue reading

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