Uses of social networking

Research was done to understand where the eye is set on various pages: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. It is the technology of eye-tracking with the movements of the eyes being captured and giving an image of where the eye goes. The study is in English by OneUpWeb ( but the comments are here in French by Journal du Net -26 August 2009. In red, is where the internet user stays, in green where s/he barely has a look.
It is quite fascinating in terms of what it reveals: how people use different websites and adapt to them, how adverts could better target consumers…

For a less positive outlook on social networking, a series of reports/news:
– the EU preoccupation with Facebook as a portal to cybercrime. Facebook: A new battleground for cyber-crime (Euractiv, 27 July 2009)

– the security issues Facebook faced and that allowed for data to be ‘stolen’. Warning as rogue Facebook apps steal log-in data (, 20 August 2009)


About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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