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Google blocking account

Quite an extreme measure for misplaced ‘post’, even if ordered by a court. I am unsure we would have acted identically had post mail been used. I don’t see a court order for a citizen not to receive his mail … Continue reading

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IT expertise for law enforcement

Police hunt down IT forensics expertise (, 02 october 2009) the Metropolitan police puts £32 millions aside to buy IT equipments… And the US Governement is looking for 10000 IT experts US on hunt for 1,000 cybersecurity experts (, 05 … Continue reading

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Diversity of access to computers/information

URL website based to distribute malware:Trojan swipes money from your banking site (, 30 september 2009) with a similar method:Facebook closes fake profiles spreading malware (, 2 oct 2009)Fake Outlook Web Access update sets malware trap (, 16 October 2009) … Continue reading

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Reports of crime: difficulties in the UK

Whereas France has now a unique website to report cybercrimes, the UK still struggles, with no sight of relief yet. E-crime victims uncertain where to turn (, 27 August 2009)

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hacking in the US

Three indicted in largest-ever US hacking prosecution (, 18 August 2009) with one of them pleading guilty to ID theft Hacker pleads guilty to ID thefts worth millions (, 2009)

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DoS attack – Australia

Australian gov’t calls on experts over DDoS attack (, 10 September 2009) and Australian police probe government cyberattack (, 09 september 2009)

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Uses of social networking

Research was done to understand where the eye is set on various pages: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. It is the technology of eye-tracking with the movements of the eyes being captured and giving an image of where the eye goes. The … Continue reading

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Twitter, Facebook and DoS: security and hactivism

Facts of 1st attack: a Georgian account in Twitter, Facebook and Google’ blogger, was targeted by multiple attacks. It caused Twitter to shut down, Facebook had problems. And the suspicion is on Russia, obviously (although it remained to be proved).Apart … Continue reading

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Nasa hacker: the last episode?

Obviously, Mr McKinnon lost its action before the High Court to avoid extradition Nasa hacker loses bid to avoid extradition (, 31 july 2009)For an explanation on the Court’s reasoning, the interview of Karen Todner on 31 July 2009 is … Continue reading

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