Twitter issues

A judge banned the use of Twitter in the courtroom; it is a form of broadcast in the sense that put all together the threads form a good picture of what happened; on the other hand, one does not need to be journalist to tweet.
Judge Says No Twittering From The Courtroom (TechDirt, 10 November 2009)

THis is rather silly and a complete misunderstanding of what Twitter as a company does. Levi Johnston’s Lawyers Threaten Twitter, Despite No Legal Basis (TechDirt, 9 November 2009)

And the issue of spam also seems a bit hyped up. It Doesn’t Matter How Many Twitter URLs Are Malware… Only If People Are Clicking (TechDirt, 30 October 2009)

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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