Censorship: Google/China and others

Obviously, the headlines for the past 10 days are aboug Google’s declaration and movement of withdrawal from China, but as pointed out, well, if Google withdraws from China, why not other countries like India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia…?

Google Considers Leaving China If China Will Not Allow Uncensored Search” (TechDirt, 13 January 2010)

Will Google Pull Out Of India, Australia And Other Countries Over Internet Censorship?” (TechDirt, 14 January 2010)

and I would say of Italy?

“Proposal In Italy Would Require Gov’t Authorization To Upload Any Video” (TechDirt, 18 January 2010) and for the French version, “Italie : un décret pour contrôler les vidéos du Web” (Net Eco, 19 January 2010)

The technical details of privacy/surveillance are worth understanding as it seems that China hacked the security features/apps used by Google. “China Google Hack Shows Security Gaps… Or Issues In Online Surveillance Apps?” (TechDirt, 18 January 2010)

For a reaction to Google’s announcement: “Clinton urges Internet freedom, condemns cyber attacks ” (Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, 21 January 2010) with a series of links to the media

and for an analysis in French: “Pékin-Google : le bras de fer s’engage” (Business and HR Resource Centre, 22 January 2010)

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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