Privacy, piracy, copyrights and censorship

The theme of the week seems to turn around protecting privacy.

Hacking Surpassing Human Error For Data Breaches?” (TechDirt, 19 January 2010). For the author, the answer is actually positive: hacking is a major threat, more that insiders leaking data.

In the fight against piracy, will privacy be waived? “Swedish ISP Refuses To Give Up Info; Says IPRED Violates EU Privacy Rules” (TechDirt, 18 January 2010)

The Similarity Between ACTA And Chinese Internet Censorship” (TechDirt, 20 January 2010) in that both requires strong involvement from ISPs. I also think that both infringed on privacy. But the issue of ISPs involvement is also close to more traditional searches and seizures: “Once Again, FBI Caught Breaking The Law In Gathering Phone Call Info; But Real Issue Is Why Telcos Let Them” (TechDirt, 19 January 2010)

Obviously, all this debate supposes there is such thing as privacy about data online. Hence the issue about cloud computing and expectations of privacy. “Do You Have Any Legal Right To Privacy For Information Stored Online?” (TechDirt, 19 January 2010) THe US have actually articulated that notion of expectation of privacy, even though the answer is not satisfactory: it is not because it is online that there is no expectation of privacy. It all depends on where and what was intended to be done with the data.

France Considers ‘Right To Forget’ Law, Apparently Not Realizing The Internet Never Forgets (TechDirt, 8 January 2010)

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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