Fraud, spam and co

An old article I retrieved today from my pile. The author, Charles Arthur, wonder whether convicting spammers in the US will put an end to spam. A rather pessimist response, understandably. What interested me was the fact that spam can be linked to fraud and criminal organisations with data collected beeing sold back or with botnet spamming created and then offered to eastern European criminal gangs.
So as usual, if people were not so gullable, there will be a bit less fraud and spam.

Will convicting five major spammers put an end to spam?” The Guardian, 24 June 2010

For other articles on sale of private data and fraud,
Welcome to DarkMarket – global one-stop shop for cybercrime and banking fraud“, The Guardian, 15 January 2010, page 3

T-Mobile staff sold customers’ details to rivals“, The independent, 18 November 2009

Further fraud this time with carbon trading, “Fraud Besets E.U. Carbon Trade System“, The NY Times, 8 February 2010

and issues of security for smartphones: “Mobile security: Hackers kept at bay by lack of a standard platform” Financial TImes 15 February 2010

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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