Google, China, HK

Google Approach In China: Redirect To Hong Kong“, TechDirt, 22 March 2010
with the original post from Google also from 22 March 2010.
What I was intringued by in Google’s statement was the following sentence: “We believe this new approach of providing uncensored search in simplified Chinese from is a sensible solution to the challenges we’ve faced—it’s entirely legal and will meaningfully increase access to information for people in China. ” I wonder what Google meant by “legal”: legal to uncensor in China? or legal to redirect links?
I also noticed that after the English version of the post, other links to the same content are posted in different languages. Quite interesting to see how Google is catering for his non-anglophone users

If ACTA Gets Approved, Expect China To Use It As Justification For Censorship“, TechDirt, 22 March 2010

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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