The gold mine: ID and other data thefts

Between the NHS desktops that were hacked and controlled as part of a botnet, and facebook accounts also hacked, it is obvious that security and privacy are at the heart of cybercrime. Accessing illegally and controlling data/computers is at the heart of a successful criminal entreprise.

Over 1,000 NHS desktops part of botnet, says Symantec” (, 23 April 2010)

iDefense: 1.5 million Facebook accounts for sale” (, 23 April 2010)

Therefore, one wonders why employers ease restrictions on employees using social networking sites, when usually the security of their own IT systems is average or bad. “Managers ease restrictions on Facebook use” (, 23 April 2010)

especially when a study by the French CNIL reveals that the most common password used is “123456”!!!!!! JDN, 22 January 2010


About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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