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Fraud – estimatation of victims’ loss

“Microsoft: Phishing losses greatly over-estimated” (, 9 January 2009) Just an estimation, so probably an other study will contradict the figures…

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French Senator Proposes Outlawing Anonymous Blogging (TechDirt, 02 June 2010) Twitter Fighting Pennsylvania Subpoena Seeking Names of 2 Tweeters from the NY Times as cited on 20 May 2010 on the Business and HR Watch website some would obviously … Continue reading

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Offensive behaviours – distortions

Careful WithThat Fake Social Networking Profile; If You ‘Personate’ Someone, You Can Go To Jail(TechDirt, 02 June 2010) – the article is critical of the offence: it should not be criminal to impersonate somebody on Facebook in California. I tend … Continue reading

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Search and Seizures – interception of communication: US

For the US, but to which extent it applies elsewhere? Judge Says DHS Can’t Hang Onto Travelers Laptops To Search Much Later Without A Warrant (TechDirt 11 June 2010) Police And Courts Regularly Abusing Wiretapping Laws To Arrest People For … Continue reading

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offensive and harmful content: reaction or education?

We may well be in a transition period where people are not fully understanding that what on the net is not necessarily reliable, accurate and representative of the truth. Therefore it may be more an educational issue than a legal … Continue reading

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File sharing and piracy

three articles recently, two showing the opposite approaches that can be adopted by courts and one the absurdity of trying to get rid of the file sharing via the ISPs ISP Tries To Charge Users To Block File Sharing… Ends … Continue reading

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Wi-fi issues: access and use

When travelling, if one does not have a smartphone or blackberry, it becomes really annoying not to be able to use wi-fi knowing that lots of networks are available. the silliness of it all appeared when I was in Gare … Continue reading

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