Lawyers Doing Real Time Jury Googling | Techdirt

Lawyers Doing Real Time Jury Googling | Techdirt. 9 July 2010

An interesting post that describes the use of technology probably for the better.  Instead of extensive searches outside the courtroom about potential jurors, lawyers work in situ with computers and wi-fi to filter out the jurors, via Google and I suppose websites like Facebook.

I have no opposition on principle; just the usual warning to make sure there is no infringement on privacy, i.e. the information collected is in the public domain.

On a different aspect of the technology, the fascinating interview of two US Supreme Court judges before the House Commitee on the Judiciary on Thursday 20 May 2010. Justice Scalia admitted not to even really know about Twitter and Justice Breyer not to use it but to have watched the photos and read the tweets during the Iranian events and marvelled at the instantaneous news that were unfolding before his eyes.

The original post is on the blog Hillicon Valley on Friday 21st May 2010, which puts an extract of the interview. The video of the session is available on the Committe’s website

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