New Speed Cameras Can Spot Multiple Offenses At Once… And Send Off A Ticket Immediately | Techdirt

New Speed Cameras Can Spot Multiple Offenses At Once… And Send Off A Ticket Immediately | Techdirt. 11 November 2010

From the Daily Mail, (so for what it is worth, I do not know), new sets of cameras doing most of the job for the police officer. Wonder who is responsible if things turn out wrong: the police officer or the engineer?

The question may seem anecdotal; it’s only speed driving, is it? but what when it comes to killing humans or targeting human beings at frontiers? I can only think about the whole range of problems to recognise liability, especially criminal liability, when things go wrong. An outline was sketched by Mireille Hildebrandt in her writing Ambient Law.

Drones may Track Migrants“, Apostolis Fotiadis, IPS, 1st November 2010

Those two examples open new issues, which makes the debate (cybercrime is just crime) slightly out of focus or irrelevant. Of course, we must be blinded by the new technologies; a crime remains a crime whether with a computer or without, at least our sense of crime may remain the same; but offences/ the law may not have been able to cope with some of the changes they bring. Another aspect of this issue is the more general debate about online/offline equivalence no more apparent than when we think of all the issues surrounding jurisdiction and the internet.

Time To Stop Being So Fascinated With The Cyber- Part Of Cybercrime” TechDirt, 10 November 2010

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