20 Years Ago Today: The Web Was Proposed | Techdirt

20 Years Ago Today: The Web Was Proposed | Techdirt. 12 November 2010

Just a reminder now that the generation born with it is reaching university age. In those times of budgetary restriction, it is worth reading the link posted in the post above. http://www.w3.org/Proposal.htm. The part that I particularly enjoy is that of “Application”. Like all projects, it tries to put forward what we know call “impact”. The impact foreseen is “The application of a universal hypertext system, once in place, will cover many areas such as document registration, on-line help, project documentation, news schemes and so on. It would be inappropriate for us (rather than those responsible) to suggest specific areas, but experiment online help, accelerator online help, assistance for computer center operators, and the dissemination of information by central services such as the user office and CN and ECP divisions are obvious candidates. WorldWideWeb (or W3 ) intends to cater for these services across the HEP community.”

I know I am not a technical person, but where does it say that the possible applications will be the central basis of our lives 20 years later, at least for those having a broadband/wi-fi connection? Do you see it? I don’t. Yet, when we have to write research funding applications, we are now asked to do exactly what the founder of the web could not have done. So if he could not, why could we?

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