LOPPSI 2: a series of French measures related to the internet

French National Assembly Approves Internet Censorship Law | Techdirt. 17 December 2010

the title and post sounds awful, but a quick look on the French National Assembly website shows that nothing dramatic happened. Actually, one of the main amendments accepted is that all requests for censoring child porn websites should go before a judge. Isn’t it the best course of action?

Moreover, the French president Sarkozy offered lunch to a number of  people working on the web, some of them being strong opponents of its policy, and what seems to come out is that a Committee on digital matters will be created so that there is a better understanding of the issues on the web. The account of this lunch given by Eric on PresseCitron is quite enlightening for that matter, even though the author is no fool.

Déjeuner à l’Elysée, le debrief : Conseil du numérique et G8 internet – 16 december 2010

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