The red hot potato game: the fate of Wikileaks

Apple The Latest To Convict Wikileaks Despite No Charges Or Trial; Kills Wikileaks App For Violating Unnamed Laws | Techdirt. 21 december 2010

The headlines of the past few days brought to me this image of the red hot potato nobody wants to keep and certainly not defend. It certainly feels like a witch hunt of two people (Assange and Manning) who dared shaking the status quo of powers, especially the mighty US and the banks.

Before the last leak Assange was not liked but Wikileaks was tolerated. Manning’s leak was just a step too far for many and they seized the opportunity to shut it down. Except that along the way, there are a couple of lies, convenient forgetfulness (like the facts that most newspapers published the materials before or at the same time as Wikileaks), and no respect whatsoever for the very principles the US so fiercely proclaim to defend. The whole story makes Hillary Clinton’s speech earlier this month a complete joke: nobody took its responsibility regarding freedom of speech, and certainly not the corporations too eager not to lose money than to do anything for civil liberties.

US Is Apparently Torturing Bradley Manning, Despite No Trial And No Conviction, Tech Dirt, 15 December 2010

Bank Of America — Thought To Be Wikileaks Next Target — Suddenly Tries To Block Payments To Wikileaks, TechDirt, 20 December 2010

Congressional Hearing On Wikileaks Surprisingly Focuses More On Gov’t Overly Secretive Actions TechDirt, 16 December 2010

How The Press Misleads About Wikileaks, TechDirt, 10 December 2010

Hillary Clinton: Then And Now On Internet Freedoms And Censorship, TechDirt, 7 December 2010

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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