Attitude towards children: no decency or common sense?

So WikiLeaks Is Evil For Releasing Documents… But DynCorp Gets A Pass For Pimping Young Boys To Afghan Cops? | Techdirt. 8 December 2010

Are they really serious? Can the US army really encourage rape of children? Not only is this wrong per se, but in a country like Afghanistan, which is muslim, i.e. homophobic, even if the boys were adults, how can they dare behave without any consideration to others? It is not horrifying. It is sickening that an army supposedly representing Western values and universal values of liberty can promote the worse of the West and of human beings.

This one is no better.

TSA Told To Tell Children That Groping Them Is A Game… Horrifying Sex Abuse Experts, TechDirt, 3 December 2010

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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