Bullying among children and teens: perception of behaviours

Rethinking Bullying: Kids Don’t See It As Bullying | Techdirt. 3rd December 2010

A very interesting post about the findings of Danah Boyd after a series of interviews with teens. They do not seem to perceive their attitude and behaviours as part of bullying for which they gave a very narrow definition: “to physically hurt somebody who did not deserve it”. The author apparently concluded that there bullying is not a problem, but rather a lack of empathy among children is.

If this is the case, I completely disagree. The lack of empathy certainly exists, I won’t dispute that, but it is the root of a general problem which is bullying. What children describe as not bullying was objectionable (although not everything falls within the scope of harassment) per se and was bullying. Whether they see it or not does not mean bullying does not exist. Otherwise, if somebody rapes another and does not see it, we would say there is no rape. Silly isn’t it?

What is troublesome from the study is that adults fail terribly in educating their children, but as the study suggests, that may not be such a surprise considering their own behaviours towards others.

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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