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Why can’t we see & protect privacy?

Australian Gov’t Official Fired For Googling ‘Knockers’ From Home With Office Laptop, TechDirt 10 February 2011 – agree that the official was silly: don’t use your office laptop to find some porn; but on the other hand, the story illustrates … Continue reading

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Going back to HR protection?

Why in the first place did we go away from it is still a mistery. Well, we could be paranoid and say that some (big weapons corporations?) hyped up cyberwar and cyberthreats in general, –┬ásee the OECD report on the … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity: a lucrative sector (?)

It all started with Wikileaks (yes, yes, again!). The security firm HBGary (works for the Pentagon) boasted it has enough information on Anonymous which tried to fight back the onslaught Wikileaks was facing to turn its members to the US … Continue reading

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The hunt against freedom: this February favourite action?

The headlines those past few weeks seem to concentrate on freedom of expression and its curtailments, whether in democratic countries or not. The events which started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt and now Lybia show how internet is the … Continue reading

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