Going back to HR protection?

Why in the first place did we go away from it is still a mistery. Well, we could be paranoid and say that some (big weapons corporations?) hyped up cyberwar and cyberthreats in general, – see the OECD report on the hype actually written by LSE visiting professor Peter Summer and Ian Brown from the Oxford Internet Institute-. THere is also that difficulty of understanding what the technology is and integrate it in the law; and the temptation to use the technology to emphasise security to the detriment of HR… or business interests of the music IP lobby.

Some at least are concerned by this discard for basic HR protection. Senator Wyden Proposing Legislation Requiring Warrants For Law Enforcement To Get Device Location Info, TechDirt 28 january 2011

Has The Fourth Amendment Been Dismantled By Technology And The Courts?“, TechDirt 28 January 2011

As put forward by Benoit Dupont (who is from France worked in Australia and is now in Canada), a comparison with cars and airtraffics higlight the flaws of our thinking about the internet, when it comes to security. In his video of 22 December 2010 for example, he argues that we would not dream of buying a car and then separately the seat belts and the airbags, or a parachute when taking the plane. So why do we tolerate such laxed attitudes from internet companies like ISPs? Swedish ISPs may prove his point (on the positive side) by putting by default the protection of privacy via encryption, rather than waiting to be asked to do so (TechDirt 28 January 2011)

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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