Why can’t we see & protect privacy?

Australian Gov’t Official Fired For Googling ‘Knockers’ From Home With Office Laptop, TechDirt 10 February 2011 – agree that the official was silly: don’t use your office laptop to find some porn; but on the other hand, the story illustrates the problem of information about web monitoring by employers, the confusion that in practice happens between work and private life in that computers are used for both including on the work place, and the extreme reaction of Australian Government. The employee should have received a warning, not been sacked. It was not child porn as far as I know (that would have been inadmissible because it is abuse of children)

UK Commission Explains That Public Tweets Are Public, TechDirt 10 february 2011 – not a surprising decision really, but I wonder how many people, like this woman, fully understand the privacy implications of Twitter…

Police Chief Tells Parents To Hack Kids’ Facebook Accounts. TechDirt 18 February 2011 – quite a silly advice really, first because children have rights, privacy rights, and that legal action could be taken; second, because parents should set (good) examples rather than behaving like criminals and telling their children not to behave like them…

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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