Pentagon Demands Wikileaks ‘Returns’ Leaked Documents; Does It Not Know How Digital Documents Work? | Techdirt. 6 August 2010

the only sensible explanation for this rather curious demand is that the Pentagon actually does not know what has been leaked, i.e. the extent of the damage. and that a quick way of dealing with it is too ask for information: crowdsourcing ?

Rep. Darrell Issa — Who Says Investigating Wikileaks Is A Priority — Sets Up His Own Whistleblower Site, TechDirt, 14 January 2011

a stand which in a rather ironic way leads to the same conclusion as the UK Information Commissioner! UK Information Commissioner Says Wikileaks Means Governments Should Be More Open, TechDirt, 6 January 2011

PayPal Turns Bradley Manning Defense Account Back On; Claims It Was A Paperwork Problem, TechDirt, 25 February 2011

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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