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EU: behind the image, there is a child…

EU Realizes That You Fight Child Porn At The Source… Not By Trying To Hide It | Techdirt. 24 February 2011 can’t disagree with the fact that child ‘pornography’ is first of all child sexual abuse and that the image … Continue reading

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The regulation of botnets in Australia

Cybercrime response a win for self-regulation – Networking – Technology – News – 26 November 2010 I would agree that there are other ways than using criminal law to tackle issues like botnets, but I am puzzled what the … Continue reading

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Pentagon Demands Wikileaks ‘Returns’ Leaked Documents; Does It Not Know How Digital Documents Work? | Techdirt. 6 August 2010 the only sensible explanation for this rather curious demand is that the Pentagon actually does not know what has been leaked, … Continue reading

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Privacy: about secrets or about democracy?

Everyone Has Something To Hide: Why Privacy Is Important Even If ‘You’ve Done Nothing Wrong’ | Techdirt. 4th August 2010 An old post stuck my mailbox but which has not lost its relevance in the slightest. Privacy is not about … Continue reading

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