Manning broke the law, and what?

Obama Says It’s Okay To Treat Manning The Way He’s Been Treated Because He ‘Broke The Law’ | Techdirt. 22 April 2011

Quite agree with the comment. Nothing really controversial about Obama’s comment on Manning having broken the law. He probably did, but that was beside the point.

Others, and more important than him, did break the law but not enforcing proper security measures of physical premises as well as of the databases. Those are not heard of, and it seems, they don’t face prosecution either.

And as remarked in this TechDirt post, breaking the law does not justify unfair trial and treatments that violate basic HR and international conventions the US are so keen to champion in other circumstances

See also The First Amendment Doesn’t Care If Wikileaks Is A Media Organization, TechDirt 29 April 2011

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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