Freedom of expression: corporate responsibility

Global Network Initiative – News and Events – Index on Censorship To Join the Global Network Initiative. Press statement 26 April 2011 on the GNI website. Also on Business and Human Rights website under Issues- Abuse – denial of expression

Let’s start with a positive news: the fight against censorship and the mobilization of people against censorship. We need a bit of positive reinforcement when looking at the rest of the news:

– from Turkey: “Turkey slammed for ‘ridiculous’ Internet censorship” 6 May 2011 Euractiv. the post is particularly interesting as it cites a comment from Prof Akdeniz who specialises in HR/freedom of expression on the internet

– from China: “China Centralizes The Great Firewall Into Single Censorship Body“, TechDirt 5 May 2011

– from Syria: “Syrian Government Trying To Swipe Social Networking Passwords?” TechDirt 6 May 2011

– and delightfully from Britain, with a hair-rising thought of a company not considering HR issues in the slightest. It is HR activists in Egypt who found out about the softwares in the computers. We are so complacent and so hypocrite to flag up our HR values and not live by it because we take it for granted at home.  “British firm offered spying software to Egyptian regime – documents” The Guardian, Karen McVeigh, 28 April 2011

We tend to associate corporate responsibility with environmental and labour issues (see for example, the OECD report for multinational companies 25 january 2011), but the reality is that corporate responsibility should be around the spectrum, especially when the rights can be exercised by all across the planet because of the ubiquity of internet

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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