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“UK developing cyber-weapons programme”

UK developing cyber-weapons programme to counter cyber war threat | UK news | The Guardian. 30 May 2011 In respond to the OECD report on systemic risk in cyberspace? an interesting call for “rules of behaviour” on the internet as … Continue reading

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UK finally ratifies Cybercrime Convention during Obama visit • The Register

UK finally ratifies Cybercrime Convention during Obama visit • The Register. 25 May 2011 at last, at last, at last! this is great, despite the defaults the convention can have. The move sends a signal to the rest of the … Continue reading

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censorship and political/legal responsibility

Egypt’s Ex-Pres Mubarak Fined Millions For Cutting Off The Internet | Techdirt. June 2, 2011 No clue if this is true, but that would be an interesting question in law. Traditionally, Presidents are only liable for high treason while in … Continue reading

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Free speech and hate crimes

Business & Human Rights : Links. TG Daily 19 May 2011, “Argentina gags Google over anti-Semitic sites”. France does it, like many European countries: type “faurisson” in and in, you won’t have the same findings.

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The WWW = the Wild Wild West?

Can We Kill Off This Myth That The Internet Is A Wild West That Needs To Be Tamed? | Techdirt. 27 May 2011 Well, the comparison may not be so absurd. If we assume that no native were present, the … Continue reading

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Gaming, gold farming and China

China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work | World news | The Guardian. 25 May 2011 Several interesting bits in this article: – sentencing practices of China in light of human rights (physical work, non-physical work but with physical … Continue reading

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