Whistle-blowing as a means for accountability: three actors, one issue (?)

Former Obama Advisor Says Wikileaks Is Wonderful For The US Government | Techdirt. 13 June 2011 refering to an interview in Computerworld,

Prof Mike Nelson, former adviser to Obama during the previous campaign, proposes a different analysis on the sensitivity of the documents released and indirectly the value of Wikileaks. The interview seems to suggest that the information was not as confidential as it is often presented, not as detrimental as it has been claimed, and overall its release has created a check on Governments’ actions that reveal a pretty good transparency or lack of discrepancy between what Governments said officially and what they think and do. A pretty good advert, if one can say so, for whistle blowing, no?

The comment certainly puts in perspective the US official reaction to Wikileaks and its treatment of Manning, but it also challenges indirectly the private companies’ reaction to Wikileaks, when PayPal and the like closed accounts for Wikileaks donations.

WikiLeaks Planning Legal Action Against PayPal, MasterCard & Visa” TechDirt 5 July 2011

Russia’s ‘Crime Of The Century’ Highlights Importance Of Anonymous, Public Whistleblowing” TechDirt, 14 June 2011

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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