Limits of criminal law

Leaping The Uncanny Valley: Japanese Pop Star Turns Out To Be A Computer Generated Mashup | Techdirt. 30 June 2011

Reading this post and viewing the video (at least the images), it made me think of the limits of criminal law re the new UK offence of computer child porn (porn made solely from computerised images, with no abuse of the children presented). it is uncanny and it highlights the whole ambiguity of the offence: how images can mean reality vs are reality, and what protection should we give  to children against potential abusers.

It’s scary because while writing a previous post today, my partner stumped upon a dubious website with a title of swimming pool (his original search) but with a content which is a justification of pedophilia. The scariest is that the guy who wrote it put an address and that is less than a mile where we leave.

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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